RTD Transmitter (RT1 & RT2) - Highly Reliable, Accurate Wireless Temperature Sensor/Transmitter.

RT1 & RT2 are ideal for monitoring air, gas, water, or liquid temperatures with high accuracy of ±0.1 °C. The RT1 direct mount version includes a 4-wire Platinum 100 ohm sensor where users can select the length ranging from 2 to 18 inches. It supports temperature ranging from -65 °F to 500 °F (-55 °C to 260 °C).

SCADADROID R2 Alarm Dialer

SCADADroid is easily configured to use VPN to allow quick and easy remote communications. Once connected, the SCADADroid is accessible for viewing and collecting data remotely, such as on a SCADA system. Remote programming and troubleshooting of PLCs is also possible, potentially eliminating travel time for enhancements, diagnostics and correction of programming issues. On alarm condition the ScadaDroid can be set up to phone, text or email you notifications.

Wireless Analog Pressure (JP4) - Wireless Pressure Transmitter with 4 Pressure Sensor Inputs.

The JP4 is designed for connecting up to four 0-5 VDC analog pressure sensors and providing high resolution 24-bit analog to digital conversion (ADC). The Transmitter provides up to 9.5 VDC to each analog output source. The Transmitter relies on power from a replaceable battery. The system is engineered to achieve maximum battery life, providing +10 years of life from a single battery.

Wireless Analog/Discrete (AD1) - Wireless Pressure Gauge Transmitter with 3 Analog and 1 Discrete Inputs.

The OleumTech® AD1 Wireless Pressure Gauge Transmitter is designed for connecting up to three 0-5 VDC pressure gauges or analog sensors, providing high resolution 24-bit analog to digital conversion (ADC). The Transmitter provides up to 9.5 VDC to each analog output source. The AD1 has the ability of calibrating zero and max points. It provides removable wiring terminal blocks in its junction box housing to facilitate the wiring process.

Wireless Discrete (DS1) -Fast Commissioning, Wireless Exception Reporting Solution.

The OleumTech® Wireless Discrete Transmitter with local display features two discrete (digital) inputs for connecting to a dry contact or open-drain output/NPN source for notifying state changes. This input can be set for normally open or normally closed. The Transmitter can also report transition counts. The DS1 utilizes on-delay exception reporting method and users can set the debounce filter ranging from 20 ms to 2000 ms to control just when the state change occurs.

Wireless Flow Totalizer (FT1) - Highly Accurate Self-Contained Wireless Flow Measurement Solution.

The OleumTech® FT1 Wireless Flow Totalizer Transmitter is designed to work with virtually any third-party flow turbine meters for accumulating volume of liquid with high accuracy of ±0.01 %. Users have the ability to set the contract hour and set the flow rate to per second, minute, hour, or day. Users can also match the k factor and k factor units and display the volume output in barrels, liters, gallons, or cubic meters.

WIRELESS HYDROSTATIC LEVEL TRANSMITTER(LLA/LL5) - Battery-Powered Self-Contained Level Monitoring Solution

Level Transmitters measure level by monitoring pressure at the bottom point of vented top mount tanks, deep wells, water towers, rivers, and lakes.

WIRELESS LEVEL TRANSMITTER & GAUGE - Battery-Powered Self-Contained Tank Level Gauging Solution

The OleumTech® Resistive Transmitter and Level Sensor combination is the superlative wireless tank level monitoring solution. Provides the ability to monitor product, interface, and temperature levels using a single, high precision Resistive Tank Level Sensor. Offered in both flexible (PTFE) and rigid (316 SS) materials in various custom lengths. It is ideal for use with the OleumTech high level switches for spill prevention, or use with thief hatch switches to meet EPA methane regulatory requirements. The ultra-low-powered transmitter is powered by a replaceable battery pack that provides up to a 10-year life.