C1 Protector Alarm Controller

The C1 Protector Controller provides simultaneous display and alarm functions for up to 16 input channels. A graphic LCD displays data as trends, bargraphs or engineering units. Three adjustable alarm levels per channel with LED indicators are provided. Four common relay outputs allow control of beacons or accessories, discrete options are also available.

C2 Protector Controller

The C2 Quad Four Channel Display / Alarm Controller is designed to provide simultaneous display and alarm functions for four gas detection variables. A graphic LCD displays monitored data as bar graphs and engineering units. Three adjustable alarm levels are provided per channel. Relay outputs or optional 4-20mA outputs allow for alarming conditions.

Controllers - 7200 Plus / 7400 Plus Series

Designed to provide simultaneous display and alarm functions for up to four monitored variables. Three adjustable alarm levels are provided per channel. Relay outputs allow control of beacons, horns and other alarm events. The controllers are easy to configure and are user friendly.

Controllers - 7800 Series

Controller centralizes the display and alarm processing functions in critical multi-point gas and flame detection applications. Its modular design integrates easily with up to 16 gas or flame detectors.

GASMAX EC Loop-Powered Gas Monitor for Toxic Applications

The GASMAX / EC single channel Toxic / Oxygen gas monitor delivers the latest in loop-powered gas detection technology, reliability and ease of use. The GASMAX / EC is CSA certified for use in Div 1 & Div 2 explosion proof installations and intrinsically safe installations with a barrier.

GASMAX II Single/Dual Channel Toxic and Combustible Gas Monitor for Hazardous Locations

The GASMAX II single / dual channel Toxic / O2 / LEL gas monitor delivers the latest gas detection technology, reliability and ease of use. Available in both single and dual channel models, the GASMAX II is CSA certified for use in Div 1 & Div 2 applications.

GASMAX II Volatile Organic Compounds Gas Monitor

Volatile organic compounds are emitted as gases from certain solids or liquids, including paints and lacquers, cleaning products, to name a few. Some VOCs, such as Benzene, are also considered carcinogenic. GDS corp Photoionization Detectors, or PIDs, detect these compounds using high energy ultraviolet light and measuring the resulting flow of electrons.

GD1 H2S Laser Line of Sight Gas Detector

The GD1 uses a tuneable laser diode to deliver enhanced coverage and fail safe H2S detection. Designed to work in a wide range of industrial environments from offshore production facilities to wastewater treatment plants, the GD1 needs no recalibration and can replace multiple standard detectors to cover the same risk.

GD10P IR point Gas Detector

The GD10P detector is the benchmark for combustible gas detection with NO FIELD CALIBRATION required. The IR gas detector differs from all other models, because it uses a silicon based solid-state IR source. The complete design is so stable that an ultra fast speed of response can be achieved whilst providing unparalleled service life and detector stability.

GD10PE IR Extended Point Gas Detector

The GD10PE is designed for applications involving large volumes of air with high velocity. With a measuring range of 0-20% LEL the GD10PE is 5 times more sensitive than standard point detectors. The GD10PE requires no field recalibration, thus saving on maintenance and service costs.

GDS-49 Gas Sensor Transmitter

The GDS-49 is a 2-wire 4-20mA Sensor Transmitter that accepts low power toxic or oxygen electrochemical sensor modules and functions in a 2-wire 4-20mA "sink" mode to transmit gas values to an appropriate receiver device. The GDS-49 is CSA approved for use in Div 1 & 2 explosion proof installations.

iTrans2 Infrared Gas Sensor

The iTrans2 infrared gas detector employs an intelligent electronics platform to provide one or two points of detection from a single head. With the optional HART Communication Protocol, iTrans2 offers remote diagnostics, set-up or calibration.

Meridian Universal Gas Detector

Meridian’s single detector head supports combustible and toxic sensors. Designed for ease of use, Meridian significantly reduces upfront investment and ongoing maintenance costs. With global approvals and SIL2 certification from TUV-Rheinland, Meridian ensures best in class performance and safety.


The MX 32 is a compact, low-profile controller that continuously monitors gas detection, including 4-20 input mA, dry logic input, MODBUS RS485 signal from compatible detectors.


The MX 43 gas detector manages both digital lines and analog channels, as well covers all needs for a wide variety of gas monitoring applications. Digital technology allows up to 32 detectors to be distributed on 8 lines for increased cost savings.

OLCT 200 Gas Detection Transmitter

The OLCT 200 can be configured to meet nearly any application through its features and options, including a Wireless option. Designed to offer convenient features and ease of use.

Spyglass Open Path Combustible Gas Detector

System can reduce the number of point gas detectors required, saving up-front costs and ongoing maintenance costs. There are only two units to service, and the maintenance requirements are minimal.There is only one long-life consumable to replace periodically. All of this adds up to lower costs for the customer.