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Product Spotlight

FH8500 Metering Solutions for Custody Transfer Applications

The FH8500 is an ultrasonic meter suitable for measurement of crude and refined products. Using its innovative 18 beam path configuration, the FH8500 gives a 3D view of the flow velocity profile. Velocity range is 0.2 to 500 cSt.

Precision Turbine

Precision Turbine Meters are good for liquid or gas applications and have flow ranges from 0.25 to 12000 US GPM. Standard and custom meters are available with a variety of end fitting choices, making these meters perfect for your company's needs.

TZN Helical Turbine Flowmeter for Custody Transfer Measurement

TZN provides high accuracy measurement for a variety of liquids, from very light LPG products to heavy crude oil. This Helical Turbine meter design is suitable for use in the most severe environments & process conditions while maintaining accuracy better than plus or minus 0.15%, even in changing solutions. Low pressure drop due to the helical rotor design.

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