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Carbon Controls COVID-19 Response

November 3, 2020

To: Carbon Controls Clients and Customers

Canadians have been working extremely hard during the Global COVID-19 Pandemic to continue to provide essential services and equipment to all the operating facilities in our Cities, Towns and Communities all while trying to physical distance and reduce the spread of the virus. By our hard work our economy was slowing starting to re-open under continued health guidelines. Carbon Controls wanted to keep our customers informed of our continued operations and on how Carbon Controls is responding to the dynamic situation.

Carbon C...

Carbon Controls - Customer Letter - COVID-19 - Update2.pdf

Product Spotlight

FH8400 - The Ultrasonic Custody Transfer Flowmeter for Light & Medium Viscosity Products

The Faure Herman FH8400 Ultrasonic Flow Meter is dedicated to the custody transfer measurement of low and medium viscosity products. It has 3 beams, a +/-0.15% accuracy and flow profile compensation for multi products measurement.

HELIFLU™ TLM The Compact Helical Turbine Flow Meter for Liquid Hydrocarbon Measurement

The Heliflu™ TLM flowmeter is designed for high accuracy measurement of low to medium viscosity liquids and refined products. Meter installations and custody transfer operations are improved by the unique weight and space saving design which includes integrated flow conditioning.

HELIFLU™ TCX Turbine Flowmeter, Process Measurement for Light to Medium Viscosity

The HELIFLU™ TCX product line covers a wide range of applications and is suitable for process and fiscal metering applications (with an accuracy range from +/- 0.15% to +/-0.50% and a viscosity range from 0.2 to 75 cSt).

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