Sponsler strives to design, manufacturer and calibrate high quality flow measuring devices. In 2003, Sponsler became part of the Liquid Controls family of companies.

Cryogenic Measurement Systems

Cryogenic products are specifically designed to handle the harsh conditions associated with Cryogenic transport, loading, and platform delivery applications. State of the art design coupled with years of Cryogenic measurement experience make our products the most accurate and reliable measurement systems for Cryogenic liquids.

IT400 Rate Indicator and Totalizer

The IT400 Rate Indicator and Totalizer is a battery powered (other power sources are available) unit that has temperature compensation and 20 pt. linerarization. With independent rate display and totalization display in user selectable engineering units, along with 4-20mA outputs and ease of programming the IT400 is designed for your industrial flow applications.

Lo-Flo Series Precision Flow Meters

Lo-Flo meters come with twelve overlapping liquid flow ranges from .004 to 3 US GPM (15 - 100 cc/min). In gases, the flowrate is from .003 - 1.33 ACFM. A variety of end fittings with custom and standard design make the Lo-Flo the perfect choice for your difficult low volume flow applications.

Precision Turbine

Precision Turbine Meters are good for liquid or gas applications and have flow ranges from 0.25 to 12000 US GPM. Standard and custom meters are available with a variety of end fitting choices, making these meters perfect for your company's needs.

Sponsler Industrial Series Meter Mounted Amplifiers & Transmitters

Sponsler Electronic Instrumentation is designed to operate with any of our Precision Turbine Flowmeters, Magnetic Pickup Coil or related frequency generating devices to create the most versatile, reliable, and complete low cost flow measuring systems today.

Wafer Series Precision Flow Meters

Wafer Series Precision Flow Meters are good for both liquid and gas applications where the unit needs to be installed between flanges. A wide variety of bearing options are available including Carbide Sleeve, Metal Ball, Cryo Ball to name a few. Standard accuracy is +/-0.5% for liquid meters and +/-1.0% for gas meters.