PST Brands | Michell Rotronic AII

PST Brands | Michell Rotronic AII

PST brings together well-established brands, each of which are trusted for the precision and reliability of their products, strong innovation and singular focus on customer service. With a history of development and innovation starting in 1965 and continuing to the present day, we look forward to many more milestones to come.

Easidew PRO XP - Explosion Proof Moisture Transmitter

The Michell Easidew PRO XP transmitter is designed to reliably and accurately measure dew point or moisture content in a wide variety of gas or liquid process applications. The robust mechanical design minimizes installation time and provides a robust and reliable transmitter for all global explosion and flameproof applications.

Easidew PRO I.S - Transmitter for Moisture Analysis

The Micehll Easidew PRO I.S. transmitter is a reliable and accurate 2-wire dew-point transmitter for trace moisture measurement in a wide range of gas and liquid process applications. Tough and durable, with global certifications and approvals, it is suitable for natural gas, petrochemical and refinery applications.

GPR-2800 - Process Oxygen Analyzer for Hazardous Areas

The AII GPR-2800 series of process oxygen analyzers allows measurements of 0-1 up to 0-25% O2 in hazardous areas. Combined with modular sample system, this O2 analyzer will suit most applications for process customers around the world. The industry proven quality of our electrochemical oxygen sensors ensures reliable oxygen content measurements even with high carbon dioxide backgrounds.

HF5 - High End Humidity Transmitter

The Rotronic HygroFlex5 series is compatible with HC2A probes which offers a high variety in temperature ranges, accuracy and body types. This device generation boasts a unique calibration and adjustment process, as well as many other useful innovations. The HF5 Humidity and Temperature Transmitters are available as wall and duct mount versions.

HF5-EX - ATEX Humidity and Temperature Transmitter

The Rotronic HygroFlex5-EX series consists of two-channel transmitters for the exact measurement of humidity and temperature in explosive atmospheres. This device conforms to the latest international standards, the robust aluminum HF5-EX humidity and temperature transmitters are available with or without display. The attached probes are cast into a stainless steel tube and are certified for operation in explosive atmospheres.

HygroPalm HP31 | HP32 - Handheld Device

The Rotroinic HygroPalm HP32 is a versatile handheld instrument compatible with all HC2A and HC2 probes, it is able to perform spot measurements and logging of relative humidity, temperature and psychrometric parameters.

XTC601 - Binary Gas Analyzer for Hydrogen Monitoring

A robust, linear & stable thermal conductivity analyzer for measurement of binary gas mixes such as air in hydrogen, nitrogen, argon, helium or carbon-dioxide. The sensor is housed in a rugged casing, making it suitable for a wide range of applications. The analyzer can be supplied explosion-proof and suitable for hazardous areas.

XTP601 - Oxygen Analyzer

The XTP601 Oxygen Analyzer for safe or hazardous areas is a robust, linear and stable device that is used for measurements in gases such as biogas, methane, hydrogen, nitrogen or carbon dioxide. The analyzer is housed in an IP66 rugged casing, making it suitable for a wide range of applications. The XTP601 can be supplied with flame arrestors, as either explosion-proof and certified for use in hazardous areas or for use with flammable gases in a safe area.