Electromagnetic Flow Meter

OleumTech's H Series Electromagnetic Flow Meter, bi-directional flow measurement is independent of fluid density, viscosity, temperature, pressure, and conductivity. Provides best-in-class seamless PTFE lining material, with two measuring points inside the meter with no moving parts to eliminate pressure drop.

Differential Pressure Transmitter

OleumTech's H Series, Differential Pressure Transmitter is a high-performance instrument utilizing the world's most advanced monocrystalline silicon pressure sensor and patented encapsulation technology. The Differential Pressure Transmitter is easy to install and operate. It can be ordered with a variety of options to fit your specific needs.

OTC Wireless Hydrostatic Level Transmitters

Level Transmitters measure level by monitoring pressure at the bottom point of vented top mount tanks, deep wells, water towers, rivers, and lakes. WT-LL4 direct mount version includes a specified length hydrostatic pressure sensor and direct mounting solution while the WT-LL5 allows users to select their own sensor and mounting method.

REFLECT 2-Wire Radar Level Sensor

Provides accurate level or volume monitoring of liquids & solids in critical measurement applications; no routine servicing required, withstand the harshest environments while maintaining accuracy in the presence of dust, temperature, moisture, pressure, & chemicals. The REFLECTâ„¢ 2-wire radar sensor uses a web-based app to give an easy & convenient way for you to change parameters, access trend reports, & view echo traces.

Smart Gauge Pressure Transmitter (HGPT)

Smart Pressure Transmitter is designed for use in rigorous industrial applications with robust resistance to chemical exposures, mechanical loads, and EMI. It is easy to install and operate. The OleumTech H Series Smart Pressure Transmitter is a natural choice for a wide variety of oil, gas, water, wastewater, and other mission-critical applications that require a high level of accuracy and reliability.