REFLECT 2-Wire Radar Level Sensor

Provides accurate level or volume monitoring of liquids & solids in critical measurement applications; no routine servicing required, withstand the harshest environments while maintaining accuracy in the presence of dust, temperature, moisture, pressure, & chemicals. The REFLECT™ 2-wire radar sensor uses a web-based app to give an easy & convenient way for you to change parameters, access trend reports, & view echo traces.

RS485 Resistive Tank Level Sensors

OleumTech’s Resistive Level Sensors level monitoring solution that offers industry-leading 5-in-1 monitoring capabilities: product (oil), interface (water), the temperature, along with two discrete inputs for connecting to dry contact sources. HW-RL3-LCD also has the ability to calculate and report volume and tank full percentage data.

Tank Level Switch

Float Type Level Switch by OleumTech, is designed to be mounted on the top of a liquid storage tank and is used for detecting critical overfill conditions for high level alarm, monitoring, and control applications. The level switch can be ordered with a single or dual actuation switching option along with customizable set points.