ExResistTel Explosion-proof Robust Telephone

FHF Safety Products’ Ex-ResistTel has been developed specifically for the harsh environments found in the process industries – for on-shore chemical & petrochemical plants, off-shore platforms, in mills and in harbors. The telephone can handle large temp differences, exposure to sea water and dust, as well as heavy mechanical wear and tear.

ResistTel IP2 Voice over IP Telephone

FHF Safety Products’ ResistTel IP2 Industrial VOIP telephone has been developed specifically for harsh environments where there is large temperature differences, high humidity, exposure to sea water and dust. SIP for Industrial SIP Phones or H323 protocol included, Fully configurable through any internet browser or the on-board display, POE or external.

ResistTel Robust Telephone

The world’s only industrial telephone with a stainless steel keypad that has passed UL’s stringent Type 4x salt spray test (100 psi / 7 bar) on the housing and the keypad. Robust glass fiber reinforced polymer housing is resistant to acids, sea water, alkali, moisture and grease and requires no additional enclosure for its Type 4X / IP66 rating.