Our Services

Customized Product Solutions

Carbon Controls is happy to do some customized solutions including: Electrical Panels, Instrument Process Monitors and Solar Systems.

Electric Panels

Carbon Controls has a complete custom production shop for all your electrical panel requirements. Our team can integrate custom VFD, starter, Breaker or MCC solutions to name a few. If your requirement is unique or is not covered in our factory offering, contact us and we would be pleased to work with you on your site specific requirements.

Instrument Process Monitors

Carbon Controls process monitors can measure the concentration of a target gas inside a process flow stream using low cost, reliable electrochemcial or infrared sensor technology. Custom applications like H2S detection, or Methane sensing for O2 ingression, or Biogas solutions are just a few of the quality systems available for your industrial applications.

Solar Systems

Carbon Controls can supply complete solar solutions for your remote applications that require continual power service. We will work with your design personel to provide the correct system to meet your solar powered needs.

Service Department

Carbon Controls' service department is here to help with: commissioning & startups, equipment repairs, field measurement and onsite assistance. Please contact us today to discuss your service requirements.

Commissioning & Startup

Carbon Controls would be happy to come out to site to properly commission and startup our industrial equipment. This includes items like Drives, Fire and Gas Detection and MCC's. Save time by allowing our experts to quickly walk you through the process so that you are up and running as soon as possible.

Equipment Repair

Carbon Controls prides ourselves on providing you with quality products, so when it comes time to recalibrate or fix performance issues why not start with our experts.

Field Measurement

Want to test the accuracy of your current measurement devices? Why not have a Carbon Controls employee come to site to verify that your current system is providing you with results you are counting on.

Onsite Assistance

Save time by having us come to you. The problems facing you can be addressed at site so that you are running at full efficency as fast as possible.

Preventative Maintenance Planning & Service

Some instruments and Electrical equipment require routine preventative maintenance to keep them running for many years. Allow us to assist in performing preventative maintenance, helping you avoid untimely shutdowns or failures.


The experts at Carbon Controls are happy to assist you with your training needs, whether it is a quick lunch and learn to educate your staff or a more detailed product specific training. Contact us today, we would be happy to discuss your training requirements.

Lunch & Learns

The experts at Carbon Controls would be happy to come in and educate your employee on a variety of technical topics.

These topics include:
  • Electrical Controls
  • Flow & Level Instrumentation
  • Fire & Gas
  • Wireless Automation Solutions
Please contact us today to set up your lunch and learn.

Product Specific Training Classes

Carbon Controls is happy to customize product training in the event that your company needs something more specific. Please contact us today so that we can assist you with your training needs.