To: Carbon Controls Clients and Customers

Given recent developments of the coronavirus COVID-19, we wanted to provide some information on how Carbon Controls is responding to the situation.

Carbon Controls Senior management are continuously monitoring the pandemic situation around COVID-19. The health and safety of our employees, customers and partners remains a top priority and we are working hard to assess and mitigate any risks. We are following the advice from the Canadian and Alberta Governments as well as the local health authorities to take measures to contain the spread of the virus.

• We have made appropriate work arrangements and implemented precautionary travel restrictions to our staff.
• Around the office and factory shop-floor we have instigated regular sanitization of all contact points such as door handles, handrails, kitchen areas, office and factory shop-floor equipment, as well as reminding all employees of the importance of thorough and frequent hand-washing.
• All employees not working from home are keeping sufficient distancing and applying the tools recommended by the Government health authorities.

Our facility has remained open and operating as we supply essential products and services that support critical industries, utilities, transport, energy and infrastructure.

At this time, most of our workforce have been able to come to work as usual and we have no atypical shortages of manufactured products that are affecting deliveries or production. However, the situation is changing daily, therefore, we will send further announcements regarding our ability and our suppliers abilities to build and ship products should the situation change.

We would like to reassure you that we are working exceptionally hard to navigate this difficult and challenging time to continue to provide all our customer support that you have come to expect from Carbon Controls Ltd. We very much value your understanding in this matter and strive to keep you informed as much as possible, we wish your families and employees to remain healthy and safe as we move through these challenging times.


Carbon Controls Ltd.